Truly Wonderful

Carol King

Carol Kling and her late husband, Franklin, arranged a gift to Children's Wisconsin in their estate plans.

How does one describe a woman who spent her entire career teaching first graders, whose love of kids led her and her late husband, Franklin, to arrange for a gift to Children's Wisconsin in their estate plans? How about Mrs. Wonderful? It's an endearing nickname that Carol Kling embodies.

Carol and Franklin grew up in the Milwaukee area and shared a love of music and travel. They met while singing with the Milwaukee Choristers and enjoyed traveling the world to exciting places. As Carol settled into teaching, she quickly became accustomed to engaging a classroom of roughly 35 six-year olds. She patiently answered their curious questions and taught them with love. She has fond memories of her years nurturing kids at such a formative age. As a first grade teacher, Carol was doing the teaching, but as it is with kids, many times she was the one learning.

Identifying completely with our mission of keeping kids healthy, making a gift to Children's both annually and through their estate was a clear choice for Carol and Franklin. "Although we never had children of our own, we always loved and respected the mission of Children's. We wanted to leave a legacy with our gift to help others," Carol said.

As a lifelong educator, Carol has continued to not only support the hospital financially, and remains an informed donor. "I enjoy staying involved with the work happening at Children's. As an educator, I'm fascinated by what Children's is able to accomplish," said Carol.

It has been said that the best teachers teach from the heart, not the book. If actions are the way in which one truly teaches a lesson, it's clear that Carol's lessons will continue to inspire others.

Carol's love and foresight as a donor will continue to help kids cared for by Children's Wisconsin for years to come.

Now that's truly wonderful.