Meet Our Donors

Honoring our children—and all children—through our giving

Joan HardyJoan Hardy and her late husband, Buzz (Leesley), have been longtime supporters and generous donors to Children's Wisconsin. In their early 50s, they included Children’s in their wills and became Guardian Society members. More

Finding ways to give back

Chad Hershner and Jeff AmstutzChad Hershner and Jeff Amstutz are the quintessential Children's Wisconsin ambassadors. They also have chosen to be part of Children’s Guardian Society to leave a legacy that will allow us to help kids well into the future. More

Living his values

Tommy BrauneisTommy first became interested in Children's Wisconsin while exercising across the street at the Wisconsin Athletic Club (WAC)...He got to know other gym regulars who were on staff at Children's, and he admired their passion and commitment to kids. More

A desire to make a difference

Mike and Ginny McBrideMike and Ginny McBride share one simple belief when it comes to their philanthropy: “The best purpose of one’s life is to invest in something that will outlast your own life.” More

A special connection and a lasting impact

Dean and Julie JorstadDean and Julie Jorstad share a special connection to Children's Wisconsin. It's not only where they both worked for more than three decades—Dean as a pharmacist in the MACC Fund Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders and Julie as a nurse—but it's also where they met and fell in love. More

Finding a way to healing and hope

Judy JohnsonWhen doctors first told Judy Johnson that her beautiful baby girl, Christine, had hypoplastic left heart syndrome, she was stunned. She assumed there must be a surgical fix for her daughter’s severely underdeveloped heart. But at the time, there wasn’t. More

Planning to Make the Biggest Impact

The BuehrlesCreate the future you want for your kids—that's the philosophy guiding Dan and Karen Buehrle's approach to family, work, and philanthropy. More

Caring for Kids in Every Possible Way

Shirley and Albert SchmidtOne simple idea inspires Shirley and Albert Schmidt's giving to Children's Wisconsin. "Kids trust us to take care of them," Shirley said. And for nearly 30 years, the Schmidts have found a multitude of ways to make good on that trust. More

A Father's Lifesaving Legacy

Joe LemelWhen Joe Lemel experienced every parent's worst nightmare—the death of his son Adam, age 17, from sudden cardiac arrest on a high school basketball court—he knew that his life's work, and Adam's legacy, would be to make a difference for other families. More

Giving Back—Just Because He Can

Dennis WisniewskiWhen asked to pick his favorite volunteer experience for Children's Wisconsin, Guardian Society member Dennis Wisniewski has many to choose from. But he is quick to name the Children's Champion breakfast at Briggs & Al's Run & Walk, where hundreds of current and former patients gather before the big event. More

Opening the Door to a Lasting Gift

Carole and Alan BendtsenMost parents with three young children would say that their hearts—and their home—are already full. But nearly 50 years ago, Carole and Alan Bendtsen decided they could find a little more room for kids who needed them. Today, they are Guardian Society members committed to supporting the foster care program at Children's Wisconsin. More

A Dad and Daughter Pay It Forward at Children's

Marc and Audra Daniloof with a nurse“You never know when you are going to need this place. But when you need it, you are exactly where you are supposed to be.” For Marc Daniloff, that time was February 2013, when his 15-year-old daughter, Audra, developed a high, unexplained fever. She and her dance team brought home a trophy at the state championships that weekend, but the fever persisted. More

An Artist and Activist Invests in the Future

Patricia ObletzPatricia Obletz had the future in mind when she included Children’s Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine in her estate planning. “Good mental health prepares us for life’s challenges,” Patricia said. “If your mind is okay, you can handle just about anything.” More

Personal Connection to Children’s Inspires Ann to Give

Ann FreudenthalAnn Freudenthal’s introduction to Children's Wisconsin began the same way as many others did: by visiting a loved one. In 2002, Ann’s nephew Hans was born at 27 weeks and weighed less than 3 pounds. More

A life touched by gratitude and a life spent giving back

Dorothy HealeWhen Dorothy Heale was a child, she was taught that sharing and giving are the same, and she watched as her family gave as much as they could – and then gave more. It was a lesson she never forgot.  More

An investment in “futures” that can’t be beat

Brian WarneckeAt Children's Wisconsin, we often think of that saying when we think of our Guardian readers. You have a real vision for the world you want to help create for future generations of children.  More

A Special Gift That Supports Incredible Care.

Ed and Anna JostOn Feb. 8, 2008, Ed and Anna Jost's niece, Kim, went into labor. Kim's third child, Brandon, was born with Down's Syndrome and admitted into the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Children's Wisconsin. Thanks to the expert care provided by our level IV NICU in Milwaukee and a multidisciplinary team of specialists, Kim and her husband, Greg, are now blessed to have a six-year-old boy who is growing stronger each day.  More

Truly Wonderful.

Carol KlingHow does one describe a woman who spent her entire career teaching first graders, whose love of kids led her and her late husband, Franklin, to arrange for a gift to Children's Wisconsin in their estate plans? How about Mrs. Wonderful? It's an endearing nickname that Carol Kling embodies. More